Monday, May 18, 2009

Fond Memories of The Laughing Mistress Salon

As I prepare for my upcoming visit to Boston, I can't help reminiscing about my long, fascinating days of training at The Laughing Mistress's SM Academy.

Some time ago, Mistress Ava took me under her wing for a spell, and it opened my mind to the true potential of female dominance. As her Salon's name would imply, her approach is one of playful contempt - an attitude with which I instantly identified. Her stable of willing subs eagerly subjected themselves to my amateurish strokes of the whip, shocks from the wand and the humiliation of lashes from the tongue. When I witnessed their dedication, I was enthralled and exhilarated. Mistress Astrid shared practical advice and gave me a wicked whirlwind makeover. Sheathed in latex and leather and armed with sadistic new skills, I felt more empowered than ever.

I am grateful to them for helping me unearth the expression of my true dominance. Though I have years to go before I reach Mistress Ava's skill level, her passion for the art of BDSM has inspired me to pursue this dark but ultimately healing passion. The journey is well underway and there's no looking back.

What was that about Pandora's box??

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hot thang'. ; )

    You were an amusing and dedicated student and I wager you are now an amusing and skilled full fledged Domina.

    See you soon M.Felina. Boston is yours for the taking.

    Ava The Laughing Mistress