Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boston, I Have Arrived - And My Enthusiasm is Boundless

Although a bit jet-lagged, I'm eager to get blazing on new projects! My creative side feels particularly potent.

Whenever I visit Boston, I always feel as though I am returning to a second home. Since every other visit has been in the midst of freezing temps, snow and rain, the gorgeous weather today casts a new light on the city. I'm seeing it as if for the first time. Of course sleep deprivation embues the views with a gaussian blur...but I'll fight the fatigue. I'm not the napping type.

I'm ever so slightly giddy as I ponder the cruel agenda I have in mind for a lucky few during my stay.


  1. very lucky slaves there,jack,los angeles

  2. I do love to travel. Perhaps I should add LA to my itinerary this summer. I just think of it as a warm, shallow environ at odds with the bdsm aesthetic or essence. But of course I most likely have an inaccurate impression.